On 5th March 2016 at 13:27, Kelly howarth wrote:
I could not praise Elements, Miss Jo and all of the dance teachers enough they are all wonderful, caring, fun and encourage my children to really enjoy their dance classes. My children have been attending classes since 2011 when my eldest daughter was three starting with ballet and both of the girls recently performed in the "neverland" show which was simply fantastic! The children enjoyed this show very much and want to perform more.
The Elements company is really friendly, but at the same time the dance standards are very high and Elements feels like an extended family! Thank you Miss Jo for encouraging my children to be even more creative and boost their confidence!
On 4th March 2016 at 18:47, Sarah Berger wrote:
Having been with Elements for over 3 years I cannot praise the school enough! Both my 9 year old and 6 year old girls attend classes across the week in modern, ballet, tap and acro. I am amazed by the progress we have made in such a short time. This has been boosted by being in the company competition team, during which both of my girls have come away with golds and silvers at competitions around the country. The family feel of the school leads to a very supportive atmosphere, particularly with the older teens looking after the younger ones. My eldest is now well placed to continue on her path to being a performer and is looking forward to a performing arts college.
On 23rd February 2016 at 14:15, Vanessa Turner wrote:
My daughter has just performed in the 2016 Elements show 'Neverland'. She had a wonderful time and loved every minute of it. The shows were amazing and everyone seemed to have so much fun. Thank you to all the teachers.
On 27th April 2014 at 20:55, Zoe Desousa wrote:
My daughter has been dancing with Elements from around the age of 5 in all disciplines - Elements brings more than dance it's like an extended family and creates a lovely way of life and atmosphere. Ella has made some exceptionally good friends who share common ground of dance and are a pleasure to have round. The quality of class and support is second to none and I would highly recommend Elements, this is down to Miss Jo derived and determination to make it a success.
On 8th May 2013 at 21:15, Emily Holdsworth wrote:
The Elements family has been a huge part of my life for many years and I am sure it will be forever! Being a part of Elements has created so many memories from things such as performing at Disney, doing shows, to even just having fun in class with your friends. Miss Jo is the most incredible and motivational teacher to inspires every child she teaches/has taught with her positive attitude towards every situation. Elements has given me so many opportunities that I will treasure. Miss Jo and the other teachers always push every student to be the best they can possibly be but in a fun way that is enjoyed by all.
Elements will be a part of my life forever.... and remember, there's no such word as 'can't' !!! xxxx
On 3rd May 2013 at 19:47, Joanna Relf wrote:
I started dancing at the age of 8 whilst I was attending theatre school on Saturdays as it was the discipline of the three (singing, drama, dance) that I needed to improve. I am now 20 years old and dancing is still a massive part of my life and that is down to Elements and largely Miss Jo! From being the discipline that I dreaded it is now by far my favourite thanks to Miss Jo's patience, fun and friendly classes, and attitude towards every student: "there is no such word as can't!". I am now at University and I have been well prepared by my ten years with Elements for competing for my Uni at national competitions and for successfully auditioning for performances that the Dance Society does. I am also part of a dance group which requires each member to contribute choreography and to dance in a variety of styles; particularly in classes towards the end of terms (post-dance-exams) the routines that Miss Jo encourages pupils to put together have stood me in good stead and were really fun!! They were always a good giggle but something to be proud of! I am on the committee for next year; I miss the Jazz-Stretch classes with Miss Jo a lot so I am very much looking forward to teaching the conditioning classes. A lot of people maintain that you can’t be a good teacher and a friend, but at Elements I feel that I had fantastic teachers who were also great friends. You know that when you go to class you’re expected to work hard and listen, but the classes always still managed to feel relaxed, unintimidating and friendly. You also know that the teachers really care about the pupils, as kids as well as students. For me, all of this was incredibly important. I started at Elements as a very shy little girl who didn’t want to try because she felt stupid getting it wrong. But know I like to think that I am very confident and have a lot of drive and belief in myself. Which funnily enough I think helped get me to Uni to do an MEng in Mechanical Engineering; I am dyslexic, and I didn’t really start to try until I believed that I could get there if I worked hard enough – it was Elements that gave me the confidence to try! I have made friends for life who I might not see as much as I would like now we have all gone our separate ways but they will always be like sisters to me (including Miss Jo) and when we all see each other you wouldn’t think time has passed. I have some incredible memories as well, I will definitely never forget that week on the MSC Splendida. It was an amazing week of dancing on a fantastic stage in a packed theatre but also a beautiful holiday with wonderful friends. I know this is a very long testimonial, but I have nothing but good things to say about Elements and I can only try and put into words what a positive impact it’s had on me!!!
On 3rd May 2013 at 15:38, Sarah Garlicki wrote:
My daughter has enjoyed her dance lessons with Elements since the age of 4. She is now 13 and still enjoys ballet, modern, tap, inter foundation and point enormously. Miss Jo is a great teacher and is always helpful. She makes the classes fun, and all the girls get on well and work well together. Many thanks.
On 2nd May 2013 at 17:27, Raymond Burton wrote:
Having known Jo for many years as an excellent dancer, and way before she started Elements it was terrific to catch up with her last year when she put four of her pupils into MOMENTZ, my own musical show.I approached her with the request for the dancers and she came up with some extremely talented and highly trained girls who performed brilliantly.....Thanks Jo x
On 2nd May 2013 at 14:41, Sharon Thomas Westcott wrote:
My daughter has been having ballet classes with Elements for the last three years - and loves it. She is a born perfomer and the really enhances her enjoyment, improve her confidence and widen her social circle. Thank you Elements!
On 1st May 2013 at 17:06, Tracey Franklin wrote:
My Daughter Ali has been dancing with Elements since the age of seven and she is now sixteen. She does Tap, Ballet and Modern and always keeps up to date with her homework as one of the highlights of her week is dancing and meeting up with all the wonderful friends she has made over the years - including Miss Jo. Having now permormed three times at Disney with Elements Miss Jo has given Ali memories that will stay with her forever.
.....ELEMENTS DANCE .........."Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another"....... 
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